Monday, July 7, 2014

The Uses of Clipping Mask to create attractive effects

Clipping mask is utilized to create attractive effects for example a text with photos in Adobe Photoshop. There are lots of uses of this feature also such as simplification of photo editing among-st others. The truly great looking magazine covers usually are prepared by using this selection.

It is almost always made up of two layers. At the base layer, transparent pixels are used and they form a mask to the top left. Hence the name. It gives you an elegant and vibrant looking image and this way is popular by professional graphic artists to make stunning magazine cover, website headers, T-shirt design in addition to collage of images.

There are lots of approaches to create it in Photoshop. Usually, graphic designers use layers. The same effect may also be achieved by using layer masks but they can the other process is desired by the designer. Mutually clipping and layer masks are particular set of tools which can be used for specific group of purposes.

Professional graphic artists utilize these effects to make attractive looking images. You can always tell by looking at a photo whether it's been highlighted with a professional graphic artist or perhaps amateur. An amateur's image will have either bleeding edges or liver spots in the image and also the finished image will never be high quality whereas professional graphic artist will invariably have a breathtaking image with fine quality.

Photo shop is utilized by graphic designers to make many attractive looking photo effects. This effect is among such effects and it's also offer great effect by some talented graphic artists.

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